Opgrey in stock linear switches

Has anyone tried these? These look to be the same as the Opblack (nixdorf inspired) switches but with a gray tactile stem… and in stock, not a group buy. I’d love to try some out, but DHL shipping is $32. Yikes. And standard shipping has been taking up to 2 months.

Wonder if any US retailers are planning to sell these at some point.


damn that looks like an endgame housing at the very least, with a polished tactile stem? almost worth the bonkers price tag, and still worlds cheaper than actual nixies :wink:

I think the selling point here, and justification for the pricing is the “secret material” top housing. But that could just be hype. Interested to say the least. Surely they can bring out other vairations if these are otherworldy good.


Secret material is just hype and marketing. They play on the fact that nixies exact material is unknown.
So it must be as good as nixies