Opinion on jwicks?

anyone used jwicks (not the nylon ones)
I plan on lubing and filming


I like them a lot. I lubed mine very lightly so they have a sharpness like MX Blacks. Great value overall.

I am a little lost, but I think JWK switches are the same as JWICKs… and I have liked most JWK switches (Pewters, Rara, I have cotton candies on the way) but I lube and film them.

Jwicks are traditionally the black ones here, but apparently they also come in other colors now, it is a JWK switch, but its not the same material composition, or mold as other JWK linears I believe. That being said, I like them very much, they’re decently smooth stock, and sound decently deeper than standard JWK linears, no MX black thock for sure, but definitely a lot smoother on average. worth the money IMO.


Ah! So “JWICK” is the specific switch name. Weird cause I swear I have seen JWK company called JWICK too.

Really confusing.

I’m guessing it’s maybe a line or sub-brand? Like Toyota’s Scion, maybe.

I think it’s more just a direct to market branding. JWK makes switches for other companies (durock/c³/etc) but as far as I know they’ve never directly sold switches to consumers before.


Jwick I suspect is just the official English name of JWK. JWK is Jing Wei Ke (精微科), which is where the initials JWK comes from. Their long name is Dongguan Jingweike Electronic Technology Co. (东莞市精微科电子科技有限公司), with Dongguan being the city they’re located in (it’s near Hong Kong). Their website (in Chinese) has Jwick branding all over, and I suspect Jwick is just their preferred English name.

Similarly Gateron is actually Jia Da Long (佳达隆), long name Huizhou Jiadalong Electronic Technology Co Ltd. (惠州佳达隆电子科技有限公司), with Huizhou being the city they’re located in. Kailh is Kai Hua (凯华), long name Dongguan Kaihua Electronics Co. Ltd (东莞市凯华电子有限公司). My Chinese is pretty bad, but all their official English names have some resemblance to their Chinese names, though exactly how you go from Jing Wei Ke to Jwick, Jia Da Long to Gateron, and Kai Hua to Kailh is still a mystery to me. Might just be a stylization thing.


I’m too interested on knowing more about them.
JWK Jwick Yellow — Keebs n’ Stuff (keebsnstuff.com)

This page has a pretty long review, I skimmed through it, but it does seem like those switches are up to par with the standard JWKs?

I’m wondering if they’re different than this switches aside for the factory lube:
EV-01 Linear Switches — Kono Store

I’ve heard speculation that they use their old JWK V1 molds (e.g. Alpaca V1) for JWICK’s once they moved on to the V2 molds. I not well researched enough to speak to the claim, but someone may be. Regardless, it does seem to be their OEM/house brand. I have some of the black all nylon ones and I think they are great for the price. They aren’t as smooth as JWK’s new molds, but they are still plenty smooth. They are higher pitched in sound than other nylon switches that I’ve tried, but are deeper sounding than an Alpaca – definitely a clacky sound profile.


The JWICKs look like a pretty decent mid/budget price range switch, I’ve tried some of their switches on a friend’s board at school and they are pretty smooth stock, but the sound is definitely on the clacky side. Would recommend the Yellow JWICKS and the Black JWICKS, nice and smooth.