Opinions on 2 ErgoDox Ez color combinations

I’m about to buy a new ErgoDox Ez keyboard and I’ve settled on either white base with white keycaps or black base with white keycaps. I’m having a really tough time deciding which I like better, so I’m interested in hearing what other people think about the 2 choices. I’m not including the black on black combo because I’ve already had 3 keyboards in a row with that color theme (2 TLK Das Keyboards and one TLK WASD) and I also have a black on black (blank keycaps) Ultimate Hacking Keyboard due to arrive in late Septemeber.

Here are the choices:



I’ve read that the white is not really any harder to keep clean than the black so I’m not concerned about that issue.

White on white looks better to me, but only just :slight_smile: Has a nice, modern aesthetic.

Thinking a little more on it, I think the choice may depend on where you’ll use this new Ergodox. Whichever color combo you go with will need to match the rest of your decor! :smiley:

White on white gets my vote as well.

Good point about where I’ll use it. Here is where I’ll be placing it. It’s kind of a dark image, but the desk is a white TableAir stand-up desk with variable LED lighting around the sides (doesn’t really show well in photos). The current keyboard is a RealForce 87U with the control key removed to help me learn to use the control key in the shift lock position instead. You can’t really see it, but there’s a treadmill under the desk.

Dang, sweet setup :open_mouth:

Definitely white on white, then, in my opinion :smiley::+1:

Thanks montydrei. Great name BTW.

Haha, you too :smile:

I prefer the white on black, but I tend to like higher contrast stuff like that. white on white is too much white for me.

I know what you mean about too much white stevesie. The white on white reminds me a bit of hospital or dentist equipment. But I’m also wondering if I’ll tire of the white on black more quickly.

I have a rule about tough decisions that I taught my children. The harder it is for you to make a decision between 2 or more items, the less important the choice is. Usually, the more similar items are, the more you stress out about choosing between them. But in reality, you should stress out less since no matter which you choose, the satisfaction will be almost exactly the same.

Of course, I’m better at giving that advice than following it :-/

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what about black on white and the four home row keys in white instead of grey?

Thanks for the idea. I never though of that. It would look more like a piano with black home keys. That might be very nice.