Opinions? Suggestions ? or Sellers For my first custom keyboard

hey everyone. im new to PCs and am looking to get my first custom mechanical keyboard for my birthday. I dont have the time to sit down and take on the overwhelming task of making my own one so im looking for any sites or sellers that allow me to customize and mod a keyboard directly by them and shipped to me. Im going for a white aesthetic with my pc (preferably 75% compact tkl keyboard) and came across this keyboard I like by kbdfans (yes i like rgb hopefully thats not frowned upon lol).
It is their FULLY ASSEMBLED TOFU84 ACRYLIC SOLDERED 75% MECHANICAL KEYBOARD WITH MAXKEY PINK&WHITE KEYCAPS ( sorry cant include links so just copied kbdfans title).
It seems great as they offer a switch lubing service and switch film service both things i would like done to my keyboard to get the best sound possible as well as case foam. But i dont see an option for clipping and modding/lubing (bandaid mod) the stabilizers which is another thing i would like done. I am also looking for a very satisfying creamy thocky linear switch and open to suggestions. i am considering some ink yellow switches or tealios v2 that kbdfans offer. But if i could find another seller with more customization options and services i do also like banana splits and lavender switches. Of course all these opinions have been formed from youtube switch tests since i don’t have access to feel or hear them in person but the general goal as i said earlier a satisfying thocky creamy linear switch.
any other similar switch suggestions are welcome but if kbdfans isn’t that great according to yall id much rather look for a seller or website that can accomplish the task i have in mind like doing all the modding and lubing and selection of case and switches and i would happily pay for those services. Ive tried looking on etsy and reddit but not that successful yet. Preferably some reputable seller or site with reviews. Obviously not looking spend over 4-500 dollars. unless what i ask for requires it. don’t want to underpay/ disrespect a person’s craft and services as I am new to this community. I am in the Los Angeles area so if there are local in person sellers please let me know of those of too. thank you

Not sure if your found the above thread yet, but it might be useful to you. Also keebmap.xyz.

I think you’re on the right track, I’m not experienced enough to give you specifics on some of the things you’re inquiring about but I would recommend getting a hotswappable keyboard. It makes it much easier to try different switches if you change your mind, as well as modding or replacing stabilizers if necessary. It appears kbdfans offers assembly service for their diy kits as well, in that you add the diy kit, switches of your choice, keycaps and the necessary foam to your cart, as well as their “TOFU84 assembly service” item. That might give you more options, but I can understand how overwhelming it all is as I’m fairly new to the hobby myself. If you do go the assembly service route, you can post a screenshot of your cart with your chosen parts and I’m sure somebody here will be able to let you know if there is something incompatible, or if theres a better alternative. Hope that helps.

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oh cool thx man ill check out the thread rn

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Without knowing for certain, I would say that clipped & lubed stabs is a default thing, and bandaid-mod is a thing of the past. (but I wouldn’t be surprised if they use there own pads they sell for it when installing the stabs)

When it comes to switches any of your choices are fine, but it happens to be so that the Ink Yellow u thinking about is my favorite.
Just resent, Gateron have launched the Ink box Black/Pink which is basically the same but with a different spring that I think is better.
But be aware, these three actuate earlier then other switches.

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Another option you could do is check out keyboard streamers on twitch. Read their about information on their twitch page and many of them offer build services. Not sure if many streamers offer complete services where they buy everything for you, but they definitely offer services where you can buy all the stuff and send it to them and they build it, often on stream. My gut feeling is you would get a better build going this route.

I have also seen on mechmarket, people who put complete quotes together including all the parts, and then assemble them for you. However, I don’t know much about that.

As far as when you say “you don’t have the time to build your own”, if you have a hotswap board it doesn’t really take that much time to put a board together. I am only a year into the hobby and I can put a hotswap board together in an hour or under, not including lubing switches.

So, instead of having someone else build your board you could give it a try. Either just use factory lubed switches, or you could buy lubed switches from someone. In my opinion the act of putting your board together yourself makes it more enjoyable to use.

Either way, have fun!