Optimus Maximus type keyboards

Just a general query: I am trying to find anyone who has used/purchased a fully “OLED” keyboard. Best example I know of is artlebdev’s Opitmus Maximus from 10 plus years ago. While I search for the technology and techniques to make and program my own, I would like feedback from users of any types of programmables. Help me avoid the low hanging fruit of initial pitfalls.

BTW: What is hhkb? and what does it represent in real world practice?

Thank you, ddrfraser1. Upward and onward, eh? Have a good holiday.


I have one of those! Switches are kinda sucky, but it’s a dope concept.


Have you tried any task or language specific programming? And, I guess, how much was it and when?

Personally, I think they’re awesome, after a bit of modding, as with almost any keyboard.

Here’s mine

Any more you can share about the switches, or the sound/feel in general? Always wanted to experience one of those, even after hearing it wasn’t exactly all that folks were hoping for (though I did wonder how much of that was “sour grapes/too rich for my blood” type attitudes coming out).

The funny thing is that I had no idea it was mechanical until after I retired it. Had no idea what mechs were. The slippery surface was interesting, but never presented a real challenge. I had no complaints during my ignorance phase, but once I got the Kira with actual good switches, it felt pretty bad. Awkward travel, scratchy actuation. Just not very good for a $2000 keeb. In hindsight, the Cherry MLs were the culprit, but they didn’t exactly have any other choice. It was purpose built and it served that purpose for me during its life. It still works, I just moved onto better things. One of these days I’ll clean it up and sell it.



Loooooooooool. Come on… there’s people paying $6K for TGR Alice’s. This is much less crazy in comparison.