Options for upgrading the foam PCB mat in a Realforce Topre keyboard

I recently bought a Realforce R2 Pfu Limited Edition Keyboard from eBay, heavily discounted. The listing said Open Box; unfortunately the keyboard did not come with some of its “limited edition” accessories- the most important being the custom cut foam boards of 2mm and 3mm thicknesses, that are for customizing key travel (and adding a silencing effect).

What are the options for DIY solutions? I am new to modding keyboards although nonetheless particular about tactile feel from, well, excessive gaming.

Looking around on the web I found modular foam squares, but with a 3.5mm thickness, excessive compared to the OEM 2mm or 3mm sheets that are supposed to complement this keyboard.

It’s a 10+ year old keyboard. I’m not hopeful for the aftermarket prospects.

idk myself but you might find quick answers in the Conical Keyboards discord server since they specialize in these things

I honestly haven’t heard of anyone even using these, opting instead for other methods to quiet their boards like rings and landing pads.

Personally, I only use rings on the sliders to quiet the upstroke.

[Finds and joins Conical Keyboards Discord…]