O'ring in stem pole

I recently got some 4mm x1mm x 1.5mm o’rings for my nk65, after modding the board I discovered that placing an o’ring on the stem pole makes it quieter, it’s a lot more effective than putting o’rings on the keycap stems.

Sorry for the blurry image.


This is kinda like the trampoline mod, but with an o-ring hitting the stem hole exterior. Cool find!


This is one of those things that seems obvious after someone mentions it, like, how did I not think to try that - but indeed, I don’t think I’ve seen this particular use of orings mentioned anywhere. I’m definitely going to give this a try; stem o-rings were always too fat for me and the trampoline mod would really test my patience if I ever decided to undo it - but this is totally reversible with basic tweezers. I bet it affects the force-curve, too, adding more pre-load to the spring.

What a rad first post, my dude


nice idea, gonna order some to try this mod on my IK75 and see how the outcome will be.

Hi all,
just tried the mod in question on my Outemu Silent White and… not liked so much, as it introduced a “thud” sound, more audible than my actual switch “setup”, with and O-ring and 2 holes hand-made on the bottom (which are filmed and lubed too).

Maybe is just on mine and with other switch could be better than the classic O-ring under the keycap.

@Deadeye did you had the chance to try it too?


I haven’t tried it yet - but it doesn’t surprise me that it introduced that sound. Other silents whose dampeners have a bit more impact surface area than Outemu’s also “thud” - like newer Kailh ones, and TTC’s.

One of those “thud-y” switches, a TTC silent linear:

A comparison of an Outemu and TTC silent; notice how much louder (and more thud-y) the TTC is:

This mod could probably make un-dampened switches more quiet - but for already quiet ones like Outemus, one can probably expect to have your same experience. Generally speaking, Outemu silents are the most quiet stock silents I know of, so the increased dampener impact sound would probably be most notable on their switches.

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it would make sense, puting orings on the key with those switches wouldnt do anything for bottom out. it would just increase the height of the key. puting them on the switch though, would stop the switch from bottoming out. i havent tried it yet but i have those switches and was looking around if anyone has done what you’re talking about. in theory it should work, is what i was thinking.