Ortho Preferences - 2x2u or 1x2u Space

I converted recently to using ortholinear almost exclusively and wanted to know for those that use the same format what key layout they enjoy the most.

I have a JJ50 setup as 2x2u and a Preonic v3 setup as 1x2u and cannot decide on which to settle with or to keep it mixed.

Also if there is anything that people would like to see out of ortholinear boards feel free to share your input!

I have a few ortho boards that I’ve found I do not enjoy typing on or like much. My preference is a 6u spacebar, I seriously found my AMJ40 with the real size spacebar to be my favorite.

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2x2u all the way. My thumb naturally rests in between the m and n keys for spacebar so a single 2u would be awkward for me.

If only there was an ortholinear layout where you could offset 1x2u to either side.

You mean like u/Six_faced has on theirs? https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/d3wcyd/preonic_x_dsa_scientific/ Or are you hoping to go further out? If so, then I think the only restriction is the lack of spacing/stab support, you could do something like print a custom 2u key? https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:3409374

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I have two Plancks - both with 1x2u spacebar. I tried the 2x2u space and grid layout as well.

With 2x2u I had to make them work as raise/lower on hold and space on tap - it wasn’t as good as dedicated raise/lower keys.

Grid layout was just too small - so for my use it’s 1x2u space. But I guess it depends on your layout - and Preonic has the extra num row so probably not needing the extra keys for raise/lower?

I like the 1x2u but 2x1u can also be productive with space, backspace. It’s really more of a question if I’m going to use a split board or not (some key combo chords are more convenient with space on each half).

I really like 1x2u but 2x2u is good when there’s enough room to push the Raise and Lower keys out 1u – my issue is that puts them further out on what are still thumb keys but not far enough out to be pinkie keys, which can harm ergonomics.

I love the 1x2u setup. The raise and lower functions are so cleanly aligned to natural thumb positions that alternate layer typing is much cleaner and more consistent for me vs any other position for those keys. I do tend to hit one side of the 2u spacebar or the other, and like the slight tilt I get in the bar from mounting it on a switch with no stabilizer, which I understand is pretty common for centered 2u spacebar users. I have tried the stabilized spacebar a couple of times and it end up feeling stiff because I only hit the sides of the spacebar, rarely the center…

The Eco can actually handle 3x2u, but I set mine up as 2x2u and it feels very comfortable. Raise and lower are between the 2 spacebars >> https://www.reddit.com/r/MechanicalKeyboards/comments/b1f0rq/photos_eco_w_box_elder_case/

I think an ortholinear version of TKC’s CandyBar would be awesome

1x2u all day. 2x1u was way too small for me and i didn’t have any use for that second 1u key. putting backspace there just felt weird and wasn’t faster or comfortable at all. it also doesn’t need any stabilizing too.

I never liked 1x2u. At first I thought pure-grid was end-game, but I realized that having both thumbs bump into each other on the inner-most keys was an awkward annoyance. 2x2u turns out to be super comfortable. I won’t say it’s a total end-game, but it’s very close.