OSA ABS Keycaps

I ordered the newly available ABS OSA keycaps from KBDfans - I have been less than impressed with their double shot PBT sets.

I can report the following in regard to the ABS kits:

  • The keycaps have fewer flaws (no cracked stems, which are pretty common on their PBT sets)

  • The colors pop more, but that is expected with ABS

  • Unfortunately, it appears they use the same molds and have the same legend flaws as the PBT sets - primarily the number row has the same inconsistent legends (it looks like they tried to go too thin, the @ symbol and % symbol look particularly affected) and a couple of the non-standard keys like Stepped Caps and 1U Back Space have overly heavy legends

  • They are just as thin as the PBT OSA caps (1.2mm or less)

  • They are cheaper! I think I can live with above because this entire set was comparably inexpensive, even less than their PBT caps and it includes a ton of great novelties

I am actually liking these a lot for the price.


Those legends are super sharp. All caps mods usually look a bit scrunched for me, but not here. I’m digging the colorway over Sleeves.

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I’ve personally never been a stickler for perfect legends. To me, the legends are like the vocals on a piece of music. Sometimes, the vocals aren’t perfect, but that’s fine, because it’s not the only focus of the work. And some pieces don’t even need lyrics.

I like the colorway of these a lot but don’t have a board for them at the moment. Wish we could get 1.5mm or thicker!

… nice. Well said.

These also include some of the same accents. But to be fair, KBD added a few and kept some of the better ones IMO.

I generally agree for sets under $50-60 so long as they aren’t too bad.

Once a set gets pricier I get pickier :joy:

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