OSA Profile?

anyone have these? They say OEM height with SA curve, but there’s no shots to see the actual scuplture of the rows.

Anyway, double-shot PBT keycaps with coverage for a lot of boards. Seems like a nice deal for $75

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They had some of these in a different color scheme on Drop.com recently, and they showed a side profile. It does look a lot like SA.


For posterity


Wow, doubleshot PBT and a lower profile SA? Sounds pretty nice!

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There was an OSA “Dolch” set on (Mass)Drop with more keycaps but the discussions indicated that actual coverage was not actually as good as it looked. Two main isues were that the pipe/backslash for HHKB is mod colored, not alpha colored and UK-ISO was missing a couple main keys but included other “ISO” keys people were confused about …


Since MT3 we’ve seen an explosion of sculpted SA derived profiles (revived DSS, the Melgeek hi pro, MDA, etc.). I’m surprised this one is based on OEM (the worst profile) since there’s never really been a spherical or wide-topped sculpt in that profile (and I’m an OG XDA/MDA person).

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Huh, DSS derived from SA? IIRC it’s derived from DSA, not SA. And DSS feels and looks much more like a mixture between DSA and OEM/Cherry than like SA — also because of the hard edges it has in common with DSA, Cherry and OEM while SA sports soft edges. And the keycap top surface inclination seems rather unique with being zero or negative on all rows.

“Worst”? Seems to be a matter of taste. At least for me, Tai-Hao’s OEM is my most favourite profile so far, definitely prefer it over the more flat Cherry profile. Unfortunately I missed that OSA Dolch GB on Massdrop recently. Might have joined.

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I’ll admit that preference has a lot to do with it, but I’ve always found OEM the least appealing profile for reasons more than just its association with cheap sets. It’s overly tall, the height vis-a-vis keytravel feels bad to me (the curve is wrecked), has to be on angled boards, etc.

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