Outemu Jailhouse Blues?

Hello. Recently I’ve received a mech keyboard as a gift which has outemu blue switches. It is pretty loud for my liking and I don’t have money to purchase outemu switches online and get them shipped here. I was wondering if anyone has done a jailhouse mod for outemu blues and if it got rid of the click sound. I don’t mind that much about the tactility, I’m pretty new to mechanical keyboards so as long as the keyboard works without the click, I’m fine.

Also, can anyone teach me how to jailhouse mod my outemu blues, I really need my keyboard to be quieter.

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Well you used to be able get these little plastic pieces called J-spacers from TVK made just for jailhouse modding. Unfortunately that site has closed. So your best bet for them would be to search r/mechmarket & the classifieds on here, GH, & DT. Although there is a few ways to go about doing that mod without J-spacers thankfully. The most common one I remember is putting a small O-ring in between the click collar & top of the stem. I’ve also had success wrapping twisty ties in between the click collar & top of the stem for some samples, but would not recommend that for a whole board. Last resort you can lube them, which will click, but leave the switches feeling funny since it doesn’t immobilize the click collar.

To brake the Jailhouse mod down in its simplest terms, it is to put something in between the click collar & top of the stem that is hard enough & big enough to immobilize the click jacket & durable enough to not fall apart during usage. Here is a video on how to install J-spacer that should give you a good ideal of how to perform the mod., hope this info helps!

As Rob said, you can use O-rings for it. There is also a 3d print file floating around somewhere that should fit in just like j spacers. The jailhouse mod will absolutely disable the click since it immobilizes the click jacket.

There’s a bunch more info on the jailhouse mod in this thread

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