Panda Housings for Tactiles

Most people are aware of Panda housings because of HPs.

But I see lots of people using Panda housings for other purposes, including silent linears.

I am most interested in how Pandas, such as YOK Pandas in particular, can be used for more moderate tactiles. Some people are putting MX Clear stems in them, I figure Sky would work to. Is this a preference for some people? I’m fine with building less extreme tactiles than the HP with the Panda housing.


I like the feel of a cherry brown stem in the Yok housings. Cherry clear stem in a Yok feels and sounds mostly like a full Cherry clear switch to me so it’s not worth the swap.


Very interesting. Thank-you. I’m also experimenting with Browns right now.

Starting modestly with 55 gr springs in the Browns, then going to 45.

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I’ve been surprised how much spring weight can affect the bump on any given tactile stem.

I’m still trying to figure out what I want to use my YOKs for. U4 stems aren’t bad in them, but so far nothing has been too exciting.

The original Invyr Panda was meant to be a smooth linear, so the leaf works well for that. Until Drop started selling “pre-assembled” Holy Pandas and NovelKeys started selling the Purple Trash Pandas, they’d always come as linears out of the box.

Still, I haven’t settled on anything - so I’d be curious to know about your findings with those spring weights.

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Sure. I’ll see if the modified Browns are any different / worthwhile.