Panda vs. GSUS switches (plus walker's opinion)


URL ded?

Sorry, fixed it.

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A sound comparison:


I’m happy that our findings basically match up :smiley:

Cool, I was just about to watch your video. I didn’t want to watch it first in case it would give me some kind of bias.


I could def tell that the 1st and 3rd were one and the 2nd and 4th was the other. I guess correctly that the gsus has a higher pitched and slightly louder sound. Thanks for the video

What about if you lube them. Do they start to sound more similar with lube?

Thanks for the info! Might have to buy some Gsus switches, especially with the recent price drop!

I forgot to mention but all the switches in that test are lubed. Only the stem is lubed, with a paintbrush and 3203.

Also it’s funny, to me the gsus sound slightly louder but lower pitched. I guess it’s hard to quantify because there are overtones and undertones happening at once.