PCB finish -- lead HASL vs lead-free

Hey guys! I’m new here so sorry if this is in the wrong spot or has already been answered in some other thread.

I was just wondering if there is any risk of lead poisoning from getting lead HASL, especially for sandwich fr4 boards where the plate and case would also be finished with lead. I couldn’t find much information online so I’m assuming it’s pretty much ok as long as I’m not licking my keyboard.


Nah you’ll be fine, you rarely if ever have contact with the soldered parts of a keyboard when using it. This will be true with even a very open design like FR4 skeleton boards. So what is in the solder holding the parts on & protecting the unused pads is of very minimal safety concern, unless like you said you’re licking you keyboard constantly LOL!


Enig tends to be more durable for hand soldering ime and looks cooler, usually doesn’t cost much more