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Hello guys

I have got a problem with a new PCB I received yesterday. The group buy runner provided a .json file with the basic layout of the keyboard. All went fine, I customized the layout very lightly (just a few media controls) in the web configurator. After exporting the .hex file I opened QMK Toolbox and flashed the board. According to QMK Toolbox the process was a success.

Now to the problem:
Some keys straight up don’t work anymore (q, w, e, r, ctrl), others are wrong (f. e. The number row outputs the f keys instead). Furthermore caps lock is now in the position of control but not the other way around (I didn’t configure that). And so on…

Can anyone help me with this? For other GB participants it seems to work fine.

Thanks in advance.

Take a look at this:

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Thank you! For some reason the function layer was set as the default

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