PDXKBC Macropad Kits

Hey there Keebtalk friends! Want a cheap macropad that looks nice and helps support the Portland Keyboard Club?

Well you’re in luck if you do!

The Portland Keyboard Club (or PDXKBC) is an informal monthly Keyboard meetup in Portland, Oregon. Come check it out if you’re in town!

This sweet little six key macropad was designed by Frankin Harding for the group and I’m making kits available for $15 each at mountainblocks.com with $3 from every kit sold going to support the PDXKBC.

Each kit includes:

  • PCB and base plate

  • Pro Micro with headers

  • 6 diodes

  • Brass M3 hardware

  • 4 clear bumpons

  • Love from Portland

So basically you just need your own solder, switches, keycaps, and cable. Most of y’all probably carry all of that stuff in your pockets anyway.

I have a bunch of these kits in stock and ready to ship so get while the gettin’s good!


Hopefully these will come back in stock… I need to check the site more often!

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They will be back in stock in the next few weeks. I’ve already got more on the way.

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