Peiweisgreat here!

Just wanted to say hi and to let you guys know that I’m always up to discuss all things mk. Just call me Peiwei or Stephen that works too. Here’s a quick list of my boards so you can get to know me a bit better.
-E6-V2 Holy panda
-Pearl Mx Zilents
-Norbatouch Bke Heavy
-HHKB stock
-HHKB Type-S

Anyway excited to see yall around!

P.S. also a fan of artisans, so if you have some Keybuto IIs just laying around hit up ya boi!


Hey man - welcome, thats some nice boards!!!

Thanks will post them in the photo thread sometime after I leave L.A

My dude!


The picture is a bit of a garbage pic, but it was the only one I have until I can get one of my buddies to take some better shots for me. The green on the Pearl is a very vibrant and striking, but I didn’t want you to wait forever for a picture.

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that pearl looks dope. also, welcome :smiley:

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Thanks I was never someone to get a small form factor board, but I thought if I was going to get one it would be the pearl. I am still getting used to this size, but so far not bad. Might splurge into ortho, but we will see. Also thanks for listing the jspacers again, just bought a set the other day.

The Pearl was my first 40-45% board, too! Unless you count the Iris, I guess.