Percent Studio - Luna 80

What do you guys think about the Luna? It seems almost a bit too plain for a percent board. I also with the price was at least $50 cheaper

I would love to have a board in that Aoyoma color.


Nice colors and I like the layout, but yeah it’s not standing out.


The interesting colors are the only reason I’m considering this. I don’t mind minimalist styling. Percent boards don’t seem to hold value very well these days. So there’s that to consider too.


A moon motif is implied, but there is nothing Luna or Moon-esque about the board. That made me sad. And easy one would be a seamless top since we only see one “side” of the moon. Another could be a slightly more crescent top - like the HHKB or the Model M.

I like the roundness and polished silver of the weight…but that sits on the bottom and can only be glimpsed upon from behind - and just writing “Luna” in cursive is…lazy?

It’s a mediocre keyboard, but I hate the waste of the name.


Interesting review of the Luna has popped up. Novel gasket mounting system.

Not sure if I’d like it.

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