Permatex dielectric grease

Is it incorrect to use Permatex dielectric grease to lube stabilizers? It’s what I’ve been using, but I heard that it could be bad, because it’s designed for outdoor use, so the outer layer could seal while the inner layer stays wet.

I use it and I know others do too. It works great as long as you don’t apply too much as it can tend to be a bit sticky.

This is something I’m hoping to find another lube for though. Some people have said that MCG112 (I think) works really well for because it fills the stab openings without getting sticky.

So all in all it can work, I find it works better than superlube or 205g0 in my testing, but you have to be cautious not to overdo it.


In the past I’ve used the 22058 just fine in the past and I’d probably still recommend it to people looking for decent stabilizer lube. If you over do it it won’t feel good, but if you get it just right I think it works really well.


Does it look like I overdid it on my Pain27 v2? I also used PFPE grease on the plastic pieces.

I also used the permatex dielectric grease on my dz60 build, and I noticed that some of it has worn off, but the stabilized keys still feel fine.

This definitely comes down to personal opinion. Does it feel how you want it to feel? Does it sound how you want it to feel?

Feels too mushy --> too much lube
Feels to clacky --> too little lube (or not enough lube in certain places)
feels to rattly --> not enough lube on either the wire contact portions, or within the slider (therefore causing some possible rattle)

Based on that picture, it’s kind of hard to tell. It looks like it could be okay, but it also possibly looks like too much. I can’t really see the elbows of the wire since that’s also a pretty crucial part.


It feels okay, I don’t think it feels particularly mushy. But if I take off the spacebar and lift up the stabilizer, I can see some of the grease come up out of the stabilizer openings.

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I use box store dielectric grease for the wires. It is very thick but sticky. That’s fine and good for quieting down the space where the wire goes into the stabilizer insert. (The spot that makes most of the rattle). I was also using a light coating of it between the insert and stabilizer housing, but I think it’s too sticky for that application. I think Christo 111 or 112, Krytox 205, or even 3204 all are good options for that area between the stabilizer sliders and their housings. You only need a light coating to keep the noise to a minimum. Again, most of the rattle comes from where the wire goes into the stabilizer insert. Put as much lube as possible in that spot.


Is the PFPE grease on the plastic still needed when using super lube, instead of the permatex grease?