Photo Request: GMK Carbon next to GMK Skiidata

If someone has both sets, can you show the difference in the two? I’m assuming the gray is darker on skiidata and orange less vibrant on carbon (bonus for beezarre). Maybe put both orange accent keys next to each other?


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Oh I’m a dolt. I can approximate this. Totally forgot skiidata uses stock colors.

Here’s V2 orange from monkey and N9 from dolch compared to carbon

Carbon always on the right.

Mostly in filtered natural light. Third one a bit more shadow. I think skiidata mods could look nice with carbon beezarre.

I picked up some beezarre alphas a few weeks back and I’d love to own the base carbon modifiers to compliment. I have the bone set, but no orange on gray. Was thinking maybe I could pick up a skiidata set, but the extra contrast of the darker N9 just isn’t as sweet as the lighter gray in carbon. Anyone wanna sell their carbon mods? :stuck_out_tongue: