Photos from the super legit, totally real Nashville 2020 Keyboard Meetup

Photos are up! This was my first meetup so pretty exciting. Wanted to share.

Everyone had a great time. We had a great turn out, one more guy than last year so, you know, progress.

Everyone brought lots of great boards.

They all had numpads though, kind of odd for such a diverse meetup.

Looks like the guest had a lot of fun trying out all the boards

Thanks again to our sponsor ddrfraser1 for donating the prizes. The winner of the raffle brought home a few super rare stickers and some artisans from Unicomp.

Got some footage of the event.

All in all, it was a pretty fun day. I had fun getting to know other people in the community. Can’t wait til next year. Hope to at least double our attendance!


You dork. NIce work, though. I think the raffle was rigged.




Here’s to an even better one next year!

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This is awesome. Good job! I have a feeling a Maine meetup would look something like this, were I to host one.


I really love this!

Maybe we should have a Keebtalk virtual meetup post where everyone posts a family shot of their boards :thinking:

Is that a 3d printed case for that DAS keyboards X40? Looks pretty slick with the SA Nuclear Data.

You definitely have a very nicely balanced collection of modern and vintage boards. It works out really well!


Thanks man! It’s just the stock plate and I spray painted it grey. You should see it with the red under glow. It looks like the master chief’s keyboard or perhaps something on a soviet typhoon :grin: This is the one with box royals so it kind of feels like it’s built for combat, brutal AF.

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I really love that F107 with the gold accent!

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Pure gold buddy !

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Darn, I hope I can make it out next year


Definitely has that “mil-spec” aesthetic - especially with the bolts - it almost looks like someone stole a terminal from a nuclear facility. Reminds me a bit of Thomas’s review of that old Soviet Hall-effect terminal board.

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I see a few boards are rocking GMK Honeywell, nice. I regretted passing on the original run and the 2019 one (poor financial timing), but after seeing the pic of your Ducky Shine the other day, I snagged an extra from the last buy on originative (do in today). Sadly the Tiffany blue accents were gone, but my teal modern Dolch accent should be a decent substitute.

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