Picking parts for wireless custom keyboard

I’m trying to figure how to pick parts for my upcoming KB project.

The specs I’m going for:

  • 75% aluminium case
  • Bluetooth and 2.4ghz wireless
  • ISO Nordic layout
  • Backlighting optional
  • Silent tactile switches

I have ordered Iqunix ZX75 and Varmilo VCS88 Cliff Bot to check them out but will most likely send them back if I manage to find good parts for a barebone custom prokect.

The issue is that I have no idea which parts match my specs and the other parts.

Case: I assume the critical thing is to have case that matches the PCB and has room for a battery
PCB: Are some PCBs Bluetooth and 2.4ghz dongle ready? I assume I need the PCB should support ISO layout also.
Plate: Matching the PCB
Switches: I heard Gazzew Boba U4 are pretty good silent tactiles
Keycaps: Some nice Nordic ISO caps
Other: I wonder if I need to find a battery and it’s connection to PCB, and maybe the usb dongle for 2.4ghz connection?

Not many build BT or 2.4ghz connection to their custom KBs. Is this crazy for a first project or should I just custom the Iqunix or Varmilo with switches, caps and mods?


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Welcome! Glad to have you here.

You might want to check out the BT75 (solderable) PCB with BT, RGB underglow, and ISO support. It also fits the KBD75 v1-v3.1, D84, Tofu84, and XD84 or pretty much any 75% case with a connector in the same position.

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Interesting suggestion!
Haven’t really though of soldering as an option since everybody is so into hot swappables.

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How do I know if PCB supports ISO layout?
Found this barebones kit that has the spec I’m looking for: EPOMAKER TH80 Kit – epomaker

Epomaker reviews are not the best, but it’s not expensive either.

Depends on the PCB, best you can see if there is ISO enter support. The Epomaker does not, actually ISO is not really that popular. Especially with Hotswap also. Maybe look into Keychron, they have a few ISO barebones.

They do have the TH80 in ISO layout prebuilt though: Epomaker TH80 – epomaker

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Okay I think I have a plan! I’ll order the TH80, Outemu silent grey switches and Keychron retro vibe pbt keycaps.