Pictures from the Mechanical Keyboard Meetup at Chaos Communication Camp 2019


I just uploaded and labelled my pictures from the Mechanical Keyboard Meetup at Chaos Communication Camp 2019.

Counting all the keyboards in this subset and remembering that I missed to take a picture of a black Poker II or Pok3r (which was only there at the very beginning) there were like 30 keyboards present during our 1.5 hours time slot (plus 2× 30 minutes for setup and cleanup) at the Hardware Hacking Area of the camp. (Not counting these flip-flop keyboard shoes. :slight_smile: )

Especially at the beginning of the event, our about four tables were really crowded while at the end mostly the hardcore keyboard fans were still discussing details and talking shop.

IMHO striking were the fact that we saw:

  • multiple Dactyl-Manuform keyboards,
  • multiple Planck and similar boards (one Plaid, one Preonic, one Zlant),
  • multiple split and columnar staggered keyboard (Corne, Lily 58, etc.), and
  • many 3D printed keyboard parts, but
  • not a single full-size board.

The latter might be caused by the context of the meetup: Taking full-size keyboards in a backpack to a camp might me more of a hassle than taking one or more 40% or 60% keyboards there — which were represented quite well. (Then again, most 40% keyboards at the meetup, especially the non-split and staggered ones, were mine. :slight_smile: )