Pimp My Keyboard: Grabbag Monday

I was going to get in on this but with Prime_E PCB extras going on sale my extra funds prior to Christmas went there.

Is anyone going to brave the servers for this and attempt to get some sweet sweet caps?

Sweet might be a strong word. It’s maybe a fun way to get some extra caps but I’d never consider buying a bag. I have bought caps off of another user who found what I needed in a grab bag but I still wouldn’t risk buying one to try and find a missing key!

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I feel like the grab bags are something people do when they’re first getting into custom keycaps, and it’s a cool way to probably cover a board with SA for relatively cheap to see if you like it, but like me and a few people I know all have ours just like sitting in a bag and I should probably sell them…


Very interesting to see the more seasoned vets on the same page. I think I would be more inclined to buy a bag if not for that shipping cost. I don’t see the value of $70 for a site that is no longer that relevant in the community.

I’ve never bought one of the grab bags, but I have bought a bunch of POS keycaps from someone who did. So now I have a macropad full of CASH DECR caps :smile:

I did get the opportunity to help sort through one that someone brought to a meetup. Made me realize just how much of a waste they are tbh, there were very few “good” caps mixed in there.

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I appreciate that information a lot. That was the final nail in the coffin for me.

last year at some point i had bought 2, used about 5 caps total, and then just let people tear through them at the 2018 norcal meetup to get them out of my house. Not really worth it


I just went on the site and I think this is the first time I have seen those bags actually not sell out within the first 5 minutes. It is good to see the community wise up about it.

Oh dang that was you? I didn’t even realize. I got an enter key blank in a color I needed haha.

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