Planck Plate Foam

It seems MKUltra may never get more plate foam in stock. Anyone know where one might be able to get plate foam nowadays? Needing one for a high profile Planck. Thanks for any info!

Edit: I have since received info that MKUltra is working on back orders and has no estimate on when foam will be in stock. No offense meant to MKUltra, just hoping to find an alternative source of plate foam in the mean time.

Plate foam is the one that goes between plate and pcb?

Kbdfans has a sort of modular version.

Oh yeah! I ordered that one, should arrive today. :grin:

Was planning on using it for my Quefrency Rev.2, but maybe I should save it for the plank I’m waiting on. :thinking:

I don’t think it’ll matter since the foam should be compressible enough but the grid spacing on the Planck is 19mm instead of 19.05mm iirc. Typing this out it seems very unlikely that that’s gonna affect fit much. Why mention it at all, then? I’ve come too far to turn back now.

Sir, I’ve replied multiple times now that yes, I will stock it soon but my priority at the moment is getting these long overdue MBK keycaps it the door. I don’t want to flood myself with new business until old is cleared up. I am not going out of business or stopped making foam as you imply, I am simply taking care of past business first. Thank you for your understanding and patience.


That’s fine and I’ve asked multiple places to see if anyone has an alternative source. I see no problem with that.

I believe that’s the part @MKUltraCorp is referring too, they’ve been repeatedly saying they will have it again soon

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Ahh, missed that. I started this topic before I got a reply from them on this. My apologies.

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This is how the KBDfans ones looks.


That could work perfect!

Ye I think so. Hope there will be enough for my plank to. =)

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Ye, I like them even more now that I have worked with them. Perfect for a weird ISO Layout on my Quefrency.

Eaven the leftover is usable if u like to.


Wow, that would have saved me so much time. I think I spent 2-5 hours, per Shinobi, tracing the plate layout and hand cutting the 4mm foam, that I used.


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At least I get to add the word custom, when I talk about my build. :wink:

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I agree the modular foam is great to work with and don’t have to worry about getting a perfect precut foam for your board!

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