Plasti-Dipping stabs

So I’ve had this idea of an alternate method for reducing stab rattle. I’ve seen people use heat shrink but I’ve never seen anyone use plasti-dip.

So here it goes… could be something, could be a total fail. I’ll let you guys know!


Excited to hear the results!

There’s liquid tape too. Might be another option.

Kinda wonder if it’s not the same thing. lol


That’s very interesting. Will you be lubing the stabs as well? I’m excited to hear the differences.

I imagine the plasti-dip would wear off pretty quickly, but looking forward to hearing about your results.

Yes, I’ll have to still lube the stabs but only to reduce friction, not to silence the switch. First impression after letting the stab cure overnight is that because it’s rubber, it definitely adds friction, which means I’ll have to lube it in order for it to work properly. My plan is to use Krytox 205 for the slider and for the stabilizer wire, rather than dielectric grease for the stabilizer wire.

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Might be… It would be worth checking out to see if there are any differences. If this is a total fail, I’ll buy some electric tape and perform the same experiment.

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