Plate DXF file for XD75?

Hi guys! I want to order a laser-cut plate for my XD75re, but I don’t think I can reproduce dimensions well enough. Maybe someone has an appropriate file to share?

Use this
First make 5x15 layout in keyboard layout editor, copy paste data in ai03 gen
XD75 uses 19.05mm key spacing, download the file you’ll have to add screw holes and fillets and and you’ll be done. I can do it for you, but apparently ai03site is currently down so I’ll do it once it is back up.
other option


I just tried it and it seems to be still down.
Not sure about filleting. What’s CNC? I mean I guess my plate is supposed to be laser-cut, so should I be using 1 mm filleting then?

Yes I would recommend just to laser cut, CNC would be a lot more expensive. Expect if your material cannot be laser cut. I didn’t have time yet to add screw holes, I will try once I am back home.
Here is the raw file from ai03 plate gen if you want to see by yourself :

For me, the generators work without problems. It might be on your end.
According to Cherry specs, the fillet of the switch cutouts should not exceed 0.3 mm. Practically, larger values proved not to be a problem but I would advise to stay within spec.
CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’ and computer-controlled milling is meant in this case. In fact, also the laser is computer-controlled, so CNC is a little misleading here.
Bigger values are recommended for laser-cutting on the site because small fillet radii might not show up in the laser-cut result. I do not know the reason, but already noticed this. Maybe it is due to kerf.

Thank you!
What’s the proper way to add holes - manually in some CAD software? I see generates them too, but they look to be tied to a standard 60% case, some holes on XD75 are different.

That’s a bit confusing, ai03 recommends 1 mm for laser-cutting, you say it should be no more than 0.3 mm. I will look for a third source I guess. Thanks for pointing it out.

You can have a look in the Cherry spec sheet. There are plenty of boards with bigger fillet radii, however, and those work totally fine. Don’t overthink it. The fillets are not needed at all, they just make the plate look nicer.

Oh, so just aesthetics, not practical purpose? Can you maybe find a picture where they show exactly what we’re talking about? I see a bunch, but they show kinda different things. Is it the very corner of a switch hole?

Yes, the rounded corners of the switch cutouts.