Plate File Editing

If you still need help I can assist with illustrator :slight_smile:

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That would be incredibly helpful and appreciated! After taking WAY too long to get the L/R centering accomplished, N/S was much faster. So I may not be working under a great assumption but the Topre cutouts now are centered with the Frog Mini outline:

So I think my next steps and where I still need help is:

  • Compare to the EC60 outline with this file to make sure that everything aligns (as @Dave wisely suggested)
  • Move the drawing to a new document so that it can be printed on 11x17 paper for test fitting.

I’m not expecting perfection when I get the first one made for real but I’m hoping the revisions can be one and done.

Update: A week+ of the entire family being sick slowed progress but I’m getting back on track now. I’ll make a separate thread about the project itself but I now have two plate file versions: the one above as well as another with MX stabilizers on the spacebar to limit the amount of modifications that are needed to the case itself:

Undecided on whether I’m going to adjust the opening on the right-side to be a stabilizer-only but I figure it’s part of the Frog MX plate file and it’s not harming anything in this application.