Plate files for NCR-80, MK870?

Hi everyone,

It is possible to build certain budget customs like the MK870 with POM, PC, and other plates. You can order aftermarket plates from AliExpress.

However, I wonder if it’s possible to go into more detail. Like, what if certain plate services could create custom plates for these boards?

You would need plate files, and I’m not sure they exist. Does anyone know of plate files for NCR-80 + MK870, or should I just order from AliExpress?

hey there, do you ever get the file for the MK870?

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Hi @aladeen,

Thanks for posting! Sadly, I did not come across any plate files for these boards.

With the MK870, we know that such files must exist. There are aftermarket plates [PC, POM, and metal!] that can be found on-line.

Some of them are of inadequate construction [many of the PC plates], so it would be better to have plate files. Because I could not find plate files, I resorted to buying a POM plate for an MK870 last year.

aww man, that’s too bad, I was hoping to make my own acrylic plate because I like the sound profile better, anyway thanks for the update!

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