Plate Foam With and Without comparison ( plate foam)

This is a Space65 custom keyboard by Airpotter with the help of Oldcat. This video shows the sound difference with and without plate foam.

The foam goes between the plate and the PCB.

The switches are Aliaz housings with Halo stems and Sprit “slow curved” springs. The switches have had films from applied and Tribosys 3203 lube applied from

The keycap set is GMK Calm Depths from

In my opinion this foam definitely has an impact on the sound. Is it worth it? You decide! What I hear is that the overall sound of the keyboard seems lower-pitched. I think some of the higher frequencies are being attenuated by having the foam there. Personally, I like the effect it has. The foam is relatively inexpensive too, so I can easily recommend this product.

Full disclosure, the plate foam was given to me as a sample in return for doing my best to give a fair review of it.

Apologies for the strange video artifacts around my fingers, but this won’t affect the sound. I guess my video encoder was glitching a bit.


Nice experiment. Thanks for always putting out great tips and tricks!

Wow, it also seems to be doing an excellent job of softening the very low frequencies of the bottoming out sound. Sounds great!

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Here is the entire build stream if anyone wants to see


It definitely cuts down on the higher pitched noises pretty good, using a Halo stem really accentuates this. I bet with switches not meant to have a loud report like Holy variants these plate foams can make for some really quiet builds! Although I do have to say personally I like the sound of your Holy Aliaz without the plate foam more than with it. I just do not like the way the foam cuts off the signature bottom out sound of the Halo stems.

I was thinking of having one made for my E6.5 which will be getting either MD Holy Pandas, Holy Trash Pandas, or Satanic Pandas. After hearing your video I’m gonna opt out of getting the plate foam. It does seem to work very well, but again I just do not like the way it mutes the bottom out sound of Halo stems. Although I do want a case foam for it from MKultra. Those interest me as well since I like to use sorbothane in the bottom of my cases, but that get really expensive quick when doing it on more than a few boards. Have you tried any of their case foams yet?

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Yeah, i bet this foam world be ideal for a silent build!


I’m building my Dolch PAC and I got some 5mm foam for acoustic dampening (advertised as car acoustic foam). I cut it out in strips and put it between the rows between the PCB and plate and also put it in every cavity in the case. It seems to have a tremendous impact. Sadly I won’t have a before and after but it’s going to be really quiet with the Gateron Silent Inks!


Silent inks are great!

Very cool! Do you have anything special in mind for keeping the stabs quiet?

Sadly no, I haven’t tried any other mods other than clipping, lubing, and band-aid. I’ve learned to be satisfied with those mods although I don’t do the band-aid mod any more. The stabs don’t even touch the PCB if you clip them so a band-aid is useless and could even cause the stab to bottom out where it would otherwise not have.


I’ve come to the same decision about the band aid mod. It basically just makes a dust/hair collector under your stabs (trust me, I gagged when I took the first build I used the mod on back apart). Not ideal at all IMHO.

I hope that the RAMA stabs have better silencing when they finally come out. We need a good silenced stabilizer, damnit!

How are the slow curve springs? Does that mean they dont curve much like linear spring? or?

They are linear springs with a less steep force line. In other words, the force doesn’t increase as much near bottom out compared to the initial force. I like them a lot. I’m not sure why but they feel more satisfying to me.