Play Keyboard's Command65 - An Extra Fox Review

The Command65 is the best possible homage to the original C64 I’ve seen so far. It is definitely NOT a carbon copy, but has enough that you get those nostalgia feels (or for some of you, the feel of ancient computing :smile: ).

The kit was very well thought out with everything labeled nicely.

The battery implementation is top notch here. Using available, off-the-shelf packs with a sturdy mounting means they’re not going anywhere, but are also extremely serviceable.

The little Bluetooth module snaps into a socket right beside the spacebar on the top side of the PCB. One of the toggle switches is dedicated to turning on and off the board when connected wirelessly. I don’t have any idea of how long it would last on a single charge though.

Gazzew Boba U4Ts with heavy springs at Escape, Space, Enter, and Backspace really give a vintage sound. No clicks, but not quiet either, dare I say… thoccy? Sounds at least how I remember the C64 sounding like. The kit itself has a thick silicon pad that lays in the bottom of the case, and another sandwiched between the PCB and POM switch plate.

I can’t quit you, home row control.

Layer control on toggle switches? Yes please! I would not have expected this to be so good. What it means is that you could toggle between completely different layouts all without holding down a key. It also means you have to pay attention to the toggles as you get some really confusing results otherwise.

I especially like that it had an official looking label for the bottom. It’s a bit tongue in cheek, but lends an air of big time manufacturing to the whole thing.

I’d also be remiss if I didn’t mention you can set the keyboard up to beep as a default. So every key press gets a little beep. This is surprisingly useful for testing keys and can be disabled in the firmware. It uses VIAL , but you have to side-load a JSON file to get the layout recognized. It sounds like this will eventually be added in VIAL, but that process takes a while.

As far as I know this is going to be available as an off-the-shelf item in the future. Although right now they’re in fulfillment for the Group Buy.


Brown keeb dreams :sparkling_heart: honestly fox whatever you write about I am sold. I’d like one now except im not really sure about the layout.

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As an FC660 lover, this one really works for me, but will definitely drive others kind of nuts. I actually get two extra keys on the right-side column so, uh, bonus!?

Exploded arrow keys is always appreciated too.

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Man, that looks great! Thanks for doing the review - I’d love to pick one of these up at some point.

Very fitting keyset choice, too - is that MG or maybe Maxkey?

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The keycaps are the AF SA Profile. So far I’ve only seen them on AliExpress, but I’ve heard folks say they’ve seen them on Amazon as well.

They’re kind of a mashup between the SA profile and Melgeek’s MG. They’re rather nice to type on as well.


That looks so good!

Oh dang. I think I want at least two of those… the bright pink and purple ones would be perfect for that nuclear-bubblegum NK87.

Show the artisan @Extra_Fox

Mine is coming soon!



Right, I forgot. They sent along this awesome little artisan keyboard from Dwarf Factory to the first X number of folks who ordered. It’s so good I actually just want to display it.


Blue w/ GMK Nautilus (winner)


Sticking with Nautilus but MODO didn’t look bad irl.

Built with POM plate and Boba 4u switches 45g 2 stage springs. Overall very happy with the build quality and how it turned out and echo ExtraFox’s review of excellent packaging and finishes.

Software needs some TLC but that will come in time.


Love that blue. The gray caps look really good on it. Might be cool with ASCII, too.

Here’s my brown boi


Here’s one thing that’s annoying and I cannot figure out. I have it paired to my iPhone. You hit LShift + RShift + B to switch between bluetooth and USB. So I can type on my computer, then hit the hotkey to go to bluetooth. Cool. But the thing is, my phone refuses to show me the on screen keyboard when the keyboard has power. Even if I switch the bluetooth toggle and turn off bluetooth mode. My phone still is connected to it. So to type on my phone with my fingers I have to unplug the Command65.

I need to see if iOS has a way to force the on screen keyboard.

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I think I like Chocolatier better now!

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There at least appears to be a hotkey to bring it up; on my KBD67L, pressing FN+K does it.

Now - since the FN key isn’t read by the system, I’m imagining this is a preset combo on the YD67BLE PCB that sends whatever signal iOS might be expecting for this function, so it’s hard to say if the same thing will work with any other board - but it at least tells me there is a signal to tell iOS to show the on-screen keyboard even if a bluetooth one is connected.

From what I’ve read, I think the signal correlates to the Eject key on Apple’s in-house boards - so if you can find a way to have that as a signal sent by yours, it should theoretically work. :stuck_out_tongue:

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That’s it! “Eject” command in VIA (under Media tab) brings up the keyboard even while bluetooth is connected. Pressing again hides it. Brilliant.