Please, help me choose!



I’m going to make my first keyboard and after doing all the research I’m doubting about what switch to choose, so it would be awesome if you guys can tell me about the typing experience of the Healios, Holy Pandas and Speed Navys.

Thank you guys!!


Get yourself a switch tester, like the big one on sale now at Massdrop.


Oh okey, I’ll do that. Thanks


Better yet, get one from Novelkeys! Novelkeys lets you pick out which switches you’re interested in, has a faster turnaround, and you’re giving money to one of the nicest guys and coolest hobbyists in the community!


Oh I see, I’ll take a look. Thanks!!


Oh and also it have the healios. I like the Novelkeys one.


I think it just depends what you would like and whether or not you intend on modifying the switches. Healios will be pretty great linear switches right out of the box while Holy Pandas are fantastic tactile switches that definitely improve with lube. Speed Navy switches are MX-cognates of Box Thick Clicks with a much more abrupt tactility due to the clickbar mechanism. If you like how switches sound and can stomach the ~$1/per price tag, I would highly recommend Holy Pandas.


As an aside, I would also recommend checking out NovelKeys Cream Switches. Definitely my favorite linear right now.


+1 for, well, all of these switches. I adore my Holy Pandas (halo true stem + yok red housing) and they’re beautifully tactile, but not to the point of being overbearing. While I haven’t tried healios, I absolutely adore MX Silents and MX Zilents (MX stem in Zealio v1 housing), and they’re my favorite linears. And Navy/Jade switches, of both the speed and box varities, are my favorite MX clickies.


Yeah I pretend to lube the switches and I heard that both the holy pandas and the healios are very good with lube. I also heard that Speed Navy actuate before the click and that is why I probably won’t buy it.

Thank you for your answer, I’ll try the holy pandas!


Any worth frankenswitch with Novelkeys Cream?


Interesting. It’s the same if I use the Halo clear instead of the true ones?


Generally, aside from springswaps and lubricants, there’s very little done to modify Creams as they’re such excellent linears on their own.

You bet! I just use the True stems because I think the salt pink is a lovely little color. Clears are probably your better bet for modding, as you won’t end up with some rather unwanted springs at the end.


You’ve got a pretty massive amount of choice regarding which switch you use, and whether you’re wanting to go for a linear, tactile, or clicky switch. I recommend going with a switch tester to start, as it can help you decide what you might want. Remember that you can also lube these switches to make them smoother, and there are a number of different types of lube you can use as well. If you want to have a really in-depth discussion, you can always shoot me a PM and I’d be happy to do a large breakdown or answer any questions :slight_smile:


Probably he would need two or 3 of the 25-places testers. I recommended the 72 switches from MD because I felt he didn’t have clear ideas, as listed linears tactiles and clickies. Before refining the search, I mean.
I can vouch for Mike at NK service though.


Avoid Massdrop when possible - if you want the 72 switch tester, get it direct from KBDfans, which has an excellent track record of good customer service. Massdrop has screwed over the community too many times for me to trust them, so I’ll always rep hobbyists and small shops over the group buy purgatory that is Massdrop’s drops on readily available stuff.


Saw this review on the speed navy:

You might just want to get the retooled box navies.


Great, I think I’ll pick a switch tester and try them.
Thank you!!


Oh really? I didn’t thought Massdrop had such bad reputation. I recently enter a drop there, I hope I don’t have any problems


Yeah, I’ll buy one and lube all the switches and thank you, if I have any doubts I’ll PM you​:blush::blush: