[Please help me] QMK problem

I cannot press flash botton in QMK tool box,

Anyone know how to fix it please help me T_T

Hard to say for certain without knowing the keyboard.

Generically, probably need to be in bootloader mode to enable flashing. Usually there is a button on the back of the pcb to do this. (Sometimes you have to short two though holes on the PCB look for a reset label)

Other keyboards go into bootloader mode by holding down some key(s) while powering up.

Based on what I’m seeing on the screen capture, it appears QMK Toolbox has not recognized the device, which likely means neither has Windows.

If you open the Device Manager and see a USB Device with a red X, that may be your device, and won’t be flash-able until Windows can recognize the controller. If you leave that open, unplug the device, and it goes away. That will confirm this suspicion.

Solving this problem can be a challenge as it could be hardware or software issues.

My keyboard is YMDK Wings.
Please terach me how to go to bootloader load ?

I have use 3 computer and it was the same T_T
do you have any idea what is going on ?

Off-hand, I’m really not sure. This particular issue can be a real challenge to diagnose. I once gave away a keyboard because I couldn’t get it to work. Windows would see the device, but couldn’t find a driver. The person I gave it to had it load up immediately. So in that case it was a software issue and a lack of diligent problem solving on my end.

When you plug this device in, does it show up in the Windows Device Manager at all?

Found this on reddit about YMDK boards;

plug the cable while pressing left ctrl to get into bootloader

Try doing that while you have QMK pulled-up and see if anything changes in the window there.

the YMDK web store has instructions: https://drive.google.com/file/d/103gBltsARyvDYf9L9kLjs4Lk_42jAQow/view

First,use a tweezer to shortcut reset 2 pin on the back of PCB is ok.
Second,Fn+Tab (The top left key,sometimes is Esc)
Third,long press Spc+B while connecting PCB to computer (Need to assign a
Reset keycode to PCB in advance)

note that the keyboard layout is very strange

BTW the firmware may be different for the hotswap/soldier versions from my searching on the YMDK discord.