Please open source the site code so we can all contribute & file bugs/requests

I know this is a big request, and I dont expect it to happen asap… so i state it while taking a grain of salt as well.

I would love to see this open sourced sooner than later. As you stated here:

and i think as a Non Profit organization, there is nothing that could be better than open sourcing your code and enabling anyone to extend it or update it on their own time.

As you’re very experienced you’re aware that just cause someone makes modifications doesnt mean you need to implement them. And Discourse is already open source, so it’s not like you’re giving away some secret sauce.

This would also enable the more tech savvy of us to make bug reports and backend feature requests on github (or wherever) rather than making suggestions here that most of the community wont care about. As well as better tracking of them.