PMK about to sell SA lime? Huh?


Are you sure they didn’t just sandblast the sets people returned?


Sandblasting wouldn’t do anything for the stem cracking that was occurring, and they specifically mention it being brand new to prevent cracking. IIRC one of the reasons they had issues with the set is because they went with a surface finish that wasn’t Maxkeys’ usual finish, which Maxkeys’ had, iirc, told them might cause issues alongside the colors they chose. Perhaps this run is using Maxkeys’ default finish.


I pulled the trigger on SP SA Lime Specialties tonight to supplement my original set, I will post comparison pictures when the arrive


^ the real hero

Looking forward to your report :slight_smile:


excitedly waiting for this thanks you da real mvp @Nebulant


Not a great pic, but here is a reaction from a Redditor:


I got my samples in this afternoon.

SP On the left, Maxkey original on the right.
In general, the maxkey set seems to have a bit more of a gloss finish.
The mods are very close in color, the SP keys looks to have sharper edges on their molds.
The SP alphas are definitely a touch darker, leaning more towards grey than white.
For the accent green, Maxkey is more vibrant, aided by the additional gloss.


There is also very slight swirling noticed upon very close inspection with the larger mod keys, but very hard to capture on camera. In my sample it is less noticeable in SP than the original set.


Not wanting to come across rude pointing this out, but given my experience with Nuke Data I was very much expecting it. Also, the smoother finish on Maxkeys is where they, iirc, tried to change from the “normal” Maxkeys finish. If I had the money I’d go for a set of the Maxkeys R2 to see if it really is an improvement, especially for the cost savings over SP.


would you say you could use sps mods with maxkey alphas or nah? debating selling my max key set and buying a full sp set or if i can mix ill just pick up the extra kits i want.


I bought the mod extensions to fill out a HHKB layout. The mods are close enough but the alphas looks significantly cooler and darker. In use it is close enough for me.