Polaris 60% build 'talkposts'

I’ve been developing a WordPress plugin named simply Talk for creating blog posts using mostly images and voice. As part of dogfooding the plugin, I am writing a series of posts on one of my favorite topics and this is the first post. I’d appreciate any feedback on the post as well as Talk itself because creating a new type of communication medium is like swimming in the dark.


WARNING: the post’s target audience is not MKers so you may find it boring.


I finished the build. It’s feels great but not omg greater than my modified Tofu builds. Sound is just OK. Subdued.

Keys on the right-side sound weird though, cheap sound, particularly the backspace. I’ll have to crack it open to see if the backspace key is not sitting tightly against the PCB. Maybe it’s the half-plate issue or the acoustic change mentioned in the manual? Whatever it is, some tinkering is definitely called for.

Second and final build Talk post will have to wait for tomorrow. Got up at 2AM you see.


I figured out why right-side sound was weird. I didn’t tighten the screws enough. I thought I did but when I checked, screws weren’t fully tightened. So the gaskets weren’t grabbing the right-side of the plate as hard as the left-side. After tightening, both sides sounded the same. This is my first gasket board so it was a good lesson.


Part 2 posted: https://talkblog.net/polaris-60-build-part-2/

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After 3 days, I can say Polaris is my best board. Extra weight and gasket does make a noticeable difference. I like the full-plate (with Tealios) build more than the half-plate build (with Black Inks). The later just didn’t feel as solid. My Tofu boards (aluminum with Mauves and acrylic with Creams) are no slouch either so they’ll remain in the rotation but I’m enjoying the difference a quality board adds.

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FYI, I took the experimental blog down. Working on something better.