Polaris 60% Gasket Keyboard


Case weight: ~1.3kg
Dimensions: 296 x 110 x 28mm
Price: 265 USD, free shipping included

Case colors:

  • E-White
  • Black
  • Space gray
  • Blue grey
  • Burgundy red
  • Olive green
  • Rose gold
  • Purple
  • Polycarbonate (Extra cost)

Case tops:

  • WKL
  • Regular 60%
  • HHKB

Plate options:

  • Layouts: WKL, Universal
  • Style: Full, Half
  • Material: Brass, Polycarbonate

Pretty cool, I was looking for a board that might fit my GMK Bento and I think I finally found a board that’s worth the price.

Another question that I have is: what are the benefits/pros of having a half plate?


Very much looking forward to getting this one.

My bias: Blue grey, Regular, WKL Full Brass. May also pick up a half-plate in case PCB-mount Panda housing becomes available.


Oh, this looks nice. WKL 60% has really moved up on my favorite layouts to be tied with 65% and mx hhkb. Been really curious to try a gasket mount board.

If this is being sold on kbdfans will it support their other 60% plates as well?

No, those plates will not be compatible with this board.

…Damn. Well, depending on how much the polycarbonate is, I may very well end up with an endgame board from KBDFans of all places. Oh, who am I kidding, I want the purple to go with JTK PoW!

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Oh, and when it comes to half plates? It essentially gives you the benefit of plateless builds while still having stability at the edges of the board. Being a gasket mount and having an intentionally flexible PCB gives you a plateless typing experience while having a plate for the modifiers and spacebar, allowing for a stable spacebar and mods while the alphas have a gentle amount of give. If you like typing on plateless boards, you’ll like typing on this - but if you prefer the more “solid” feeling of a full plate, then there’s no problem with going for what you already know and love.


I’m in for sure!

I really wanna see renders of the different case color options… But I am soooooooo interested.


My main concern is if there’s weights other than brass - not a big fan of the look of brass weights, really. If I could get a silvery/space grey aluminum weight, I’d really like that and it’d pretty much be an instant sell (along with the first premium custom i’d get)

damn this looks incredible!
Would have loved some leds with for the Polycarbonate…

I think ai03 is still designing and revising the pcb and the case. So there’s still a chance for that!

Yea me too :frowning: I also wish he had a navy blue or option to go along with bento

I think blue grey will work great. My plan is for a blue grey top and rose gold bottom. If we don’t get to choose top and bottom…well I might have to just get one of each. lol

This board is scheduled to ship around Chinese New Year which I think is January 25th, hopefully before since nothing will get done for two to three weeks after.

Ai03 just posted in his discord that no boards will be shipping until after cny for a few reasons, one being that they didn’t want to rush the packaging and two there are some issues with the clear finish brass parts


Thx for the update. So it’ll be around mid or late Feb then. Oh well.