Polishing/Buffing Topre Sliders

I own an HHKB and of course at some point I wanted to swap out the keycaps for something else. But the choices are limited unless I switch out the sliders for mx compatible ones. As I did some more research on replacement sliders I’ve noticed a lot of comments about them being “scratchy.” I’m sure there’s a lot of factors that could result in scratchiness but the first thing that comes to mind is the plastic surface itself.

What if I use a high-grit wet sandpaper (1,200-2,000) to smooth out micro imperfections and buff it out with a dremel? On top of that I would then try to lube the sliders to make it as slick as possible.

Does anyone think this could work or am I just spouting nonsense?

I’ve used mx stems that are extremely polished looking and smooth but they can still exhibit some friction from plastic on plastic. It would probably help to polish them, but I think lubricant would probably be easier and result in overall smoothness

Hi it looks like KBDfans is out of stock on adapter-x(like in the last couple of days). I am by no means an insider, however given the issues regarding the stem rotation they might be coming out with a v2 some time this year that fixes that issue.

Fingers crossed for UHMWP instead of POM sliders.

I think it’d be safest buffing manually. Dremel would eat through the plastic like cheese even if you use a cotton pad.