Polyfiil mod

hello, should I apply the Polyfill mod to a battery powered keyboard? Or is it a bad idea? why?

I don’t have a real answer or any electrical background, but I think it’s a reasonable question given the battery electrical contacts.

Polyester technically has a moderately strong tendency to attract a negative charge. That makes me wary of using it in general, though I have never heard of anyone having an issue with ESD related to it. CannonKeys bundles it with their Brutal v1 boards, and they know what they’re on about.

Perhaps it’s because you’re not moving it around or touching it once it’s in your keyboard, or maybe it’s because aluminum is only very mildly positive-charging while other PCB materials tend also to be negative-charging, so a charge doesn’t build. (But skin is very likely to build a charge against polyester.)

The other question, to me, would be whether the polyfill would trap more heat from the battery, assuming it’s rechargeable. I suppose it could, but I guess a metal case can act like a heat sink, and the amount of heat would be low.

You could try it and take the case temp at stress points, like when the battery is low and when it’s charging above 80-90%, if you have a touchless temperature probe. I haven’t used one, but I think they’re basically like COVID building entry handheld thermometers.


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should I just keep track of the temperature?

Hard to say. Just a thought. I haven’t done it. You might get an opinion from someone more knowledgeable than me eventually. You could also ask on the electronics Stack Exchange.

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