POM keycaps in different profiles?

Hi guys,

I’ve been into POM keycaps ever since joining this hobby and have been researching and wondering if POM has ever been done in other profiles. I was interested in the idea of creating/designing my own POM set as I’ve felt the community hasn’t seen much of these keycaps in different colorways other than the regular black/white/jelly pom ones that have been around already.

With the introduction of the recent group buy of Jelly POM sets by esckeyboard, I’ve been motivated to search and ask around for any and all info and advice I could get to be able to get started on designing a set or multiple??

Specifically, I want to learn about any clearance issues (or just general issues) POM (acetal) runs into from someone who’s worked with this type of plastic. When machined into different keycap profiles such as Cherry, SA or even DSA are there any issues due to the thickness of the keycaps?

Also, who to ask or where to ask about machining Acetal into keycaps and finding molds that are already out there to maybe save some time.

Also looking into laser etching, multi shot processes, or other processes to get those legends onto keycaps. Not too familiar with much of these but any help and information is MUCH appreciated!


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It would be interesting to see DSA pom


There have been rounds of Cherry profile jelly POM keycaps. Another round of black POM keycaps in Cherry profile would be nice.

I want to see it in the KAT Profile!

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I’d love to make it happen, just gotta learn to make molds for em hehe

Oh really? I’ve never heard of cherry Jelly POMs! who ran the buys for them?

ooooo interesting hehe. we’ll see

I think they ran through Drop, but I can’t find the link.

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There is also NovelPro with Hi-Pro like profile. It’s been stuck in IC status for a long time though. I hope it gets made.

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thanks for the lead, I’ll help look into it!

I’d like that too!

If I could afford a set …

SA would be good too.

And a doubleshot set with shine-through characters would be awesome!

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I’d love to see a POM set in SA or KAT profile.

Preferably doubleshot with shine-through characters!

If you can, a set that fits both Cherry and Kailh switches while clearing cutouts and being as thick as possible would be great. More thonk and less click.

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I remember this! I’m kinda bummed that it didn’t go anywhere


I have actually been working on DSA profile POM keycaps, I already got a manu and vendor lined up and a few sets! I am just waiting to get the space bars done and then I’ll get a quote, get protos and run the IC!


hey man that’s really cool! where are you manufacturing from?

Cannot say sorry

that’s too bad, but good luck with IC!

hi! any status update on DSA profile POMs?

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you can check on geekhack if he made the post there because his last time reading this form was in June 2020


thanks! do you happen to have a link?