POM switches

I heard that Gateron milky switches had POM housings. Is this true? If it is, are the black bottom housings on Gateron switches also POM, or is it only the all milky housings?

None of the Gateron housings are POM. The only switches on the market with POM housings are Novelkeys Cream and Nolive switches. In fact, Gateron milky housings are scratchier than their black counterparts.


Are the Gateron Inks POM? I recall the page for them saying it’s a “new” type of material.

They might be a different blend but they’re not POM.

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Via discussions on Geekhack and Deskthority and r/mk and here:

  • Original black-colored (opaque) MX housing tops and bottoms were nylon
  • Milky (translucent) tops (Nixies) and milky tops and bottoms (older generation Gaterons) were some variant of POM
  • Clear (transparent) tops (current Gaterons, RGB MX, etc) were polycarbonate

The new Creams and Nolives are POM (with some amount of PTFE blended in)
And it looks like Invyr Pandas (and the new YOK Pandas) are some blend of POM and (maybe?) polycarbonate

The confusion comes from each of the switch makers trying to guard their “trade secrets” and switch buyers having to resort to keyboard science posts (like Walker checking melt/burn points of Invyr Panda housings) and each of the keyboard communities (GH, DT, r/mk, KT) trying to maintain their own ivory towers …