Post your combination

Mixing different set sometimes result in a nice new set or good substitute while you’re waiting for upcoming GB. Please post your combination.

Alphas: GMK Mint Chocolate
Modifier: GMK Plum

Alphas: SA Grand Budapest
Modifier: SA Jukebox

Alphas: GMK Burgundy
Modifier: GMK Ceresia

waiting for GMK Jamon GB…


I’ll post here tomorrow. I need to sort images, am a mess. But this my jam.

Hyperfuse Redux
GMK arrows keys, escape, and spacebar

GMK / JTK Nantucket.

GMK Nautilus Mods
JTK Photostudio Alphas

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I tried this combination briefly. The contrast was pretty nice.

Blue keys: SA Dasher/Dancer
The rest: SA Godspeed

HFO and RA swaps

DSA Honeywell and bounty hunter is my fave best.

This isn’t something I have yet, but I’m planning to use once Plague ships :slight_smile: DSA Plague mods with black on GSF alphas from PMK. I think I will also use my Serum gamer set from Deathcaps but depends if it feels like too much.

I dun this when I saw GMK Monochrome IC using Alcatel Lucent alphas and Cherry WoB

Kinda tempting me to get monochrome anyway I can have a WoB caps lock, BoW function keys, darker legends on the alphas, and doubleshot win keys are always good! Plus, ya know, less shine (although I do like shine, it’s like patina)

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