Post your Ergo boards

I am in process of purchasing a Moonlander, which would be my first ergo board.
The move to ergo It’s a bit overwhelming (so many choices hardware/layouts), but it’s a move that I need to make in order to keep my RSI at bay.

I am curious what people are using and what was their journey in what seems for me, a new rabbit hole.


Oh fun. My ergo adventure began with a Planck and ended one board later with a Ferris. I tried a Le Chiffre as well, but low-pro seems to jive better with with the ergo concept in my experience. I still more often use ortho over col-stag, but the latter is still more comfortable for long typing sessions. Anyway, here’s an old pic:


Me right now googling to read about ferris and finding your reddit post about it :slight_smile:

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I’ve had a couple. Lily58 was my first, which is a great board. A bitch to build, but it’s a great intro to split ergo boards as it still basically has the complete functionality of a 60%

I then started playing around with using a Corne layout in it:

and eventually got an IMK corne, which is now a daily driver for me.

bonus ginny, which i don’t use lol


What was the considering factor to move to ergo boards? Functionality or curiosity?
Also, I am not seeing any boards with tenting till now.
Do you find that it is not needed or is just preference?

Personally for me I like ergo boards because they’re tailored to your palm.

I find flat ergo boards very uncomfortable. My personal preference is something Maltron-styled with Ergodox modifier clusters. One day…

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I made this Klap v3 as a travelling board, with the magnetic connectors in the middle so it can be separated for transport, but recently I took to using it on my desktop even when not travelling. The thumbs are a bit high, but it was supposed to be compact.


the big thing is (as in the name) the ergonomics. it’s incredibly comfortable to spend a full day working on ergo boards. also they tend to be a little more DIY than other boards, but that’s just a personal preference.

i don’t like tenting that much, mostly cause I tend to move around a lot when I’m working and it gets in the way. A lot of people like it though.

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This is a super cool board! I love the pogo connectors.

I’m testing out prototype units of our Corne OB keyboard. This is our first CNC milled aluminum case design. We were nervous about the case fitting the PCBs, but everything worked out okay.


One thing that I noticed while looking for a split ergo board is that there are not enough options for metal cases.
Looking forward to see your project in the GB phase :slight_smile:

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We are trying to avoid doing IC and GB, if possible. We already have commercial units for sale and in stock. Our strategy is to offer ready made units, and we believe they are not ready if customers have to wait for IC and GB to complete and take the risk the product might not ship.

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Cool! How is the pcb mounted? Where can I see more pictures?

The product page can be found at controller (dot) works . Links are not allowed in posts, it seems.
The PCB is mounted directly between the aluminum case and the back plate. The microcontroller, connectors, and OLED screen are all soldered directly to the main board (no OLED modules or Pro Micro socket). The aluminum case has five drilled and tapped registration pins that pass through the main PCB. The FR4 back plate screws into the registration pins like in a standard Corne (although the positions are different). There are very tight tolerances in the whole design, so the main board PCB is firmly held in place around the edges by the metal case. The whole case, not including the TRRS connectors, is only 8mm thick, so it is a very tight fit.

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Those are the main boards.

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Thanks so much for the details. It’s an intriguing design.

So my purchase of the Moonlander didn’t go through and I got impatient and bought this

I’m skipping a few steps, but I already like it.

Time to read more about home row mods.


Lovely. Required reading


Looks very nice, is that a Corne board?

With a 3d printed case.

Down the rabbit hole we go…