Post your go-to sites to practice speed and accuracy in typing is mine

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Here are all my saved links:

Typing Games & Practice


I like for learning and practicing Dvorak. It splits up “levels” based on different rows.

I use Typing Cat. It requires you to really type a paragraph having to use the enter key and capitalized letters so it’s great for me aside from keyhero which is also great and more informative on your mistakes and speed with great quotes.


My go to is Key Hero

A useful tool to help learn touch typing bit by bit (for various typing layouts) is Keybr

On Keybr you can actually change the site to let you type in Qwerty, Dvorak, Colemak, or Workman without changing your system settings or reprogramming your keyboard.

Basically some of these yeah.

My problem is that I never get around to practicing and my typing is just as sloppy as it ever was. like many things I do that could use a bit more investment.


2 Likes when I want to have fun when i want to feel like a beast when I’m serious about improving my accuracy and speed

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a really underrated site that no one seems to mention is this

pretty much just a harder 10fastfingers, and you can actually correct your typos!

Typegun and keybr, a nice combination. :slight_smile: