Post Your Keyboards!

Haha I maybe didn’t need to know it’s just sitting there in-stock… :thinking: I love the 66.


That’s such a great set, completely forgot about that one. Now I want one again :joy:

Fine day for painting - soldering can wait!

Much better than that stained, cream colour. (Rust Oleum 2x Slate ultra matte)


Looks good! I like to try to keep my vintage boards as original as possible, but sometimes even a retrobright can’t bring them back to life. When that happens I find the good ole’ rattle can a valid option for sure! I’ve done it to a few older cases with great results. As long as you take the time properly prep the case (sand & clean the case good before priming) & do all the proper steps (using a primer before the paint, painting it with a few light coats vs one or two heavy coats on each step, & using a clear coat sealer after the paint) I find the coating to hold up incredibly well!

Finally finished my Chiffre, had the PCB sitting around for some time now. I couldn’t fit the case itself on my printer, so that was printed externally. Really satisfied how this came out.

  • Le Chiffre BLE
  • NK Silk Oblivion
  • MT3 Noctua


  • eSUN Bone White
  • Polymaker Earth Brown

I like seeing keyboards out of their comfort zone and thought about creating a new thread: Keyboards in the Wild, but I don’t think many people would be interested. Here’s my Keychron Q1 Pro, Redsun Samurai keycaps, and Akko V3 Cream Blue Pro switches in the wild.


So rare to see them in their natural habitat :rofl:


I’ve been seeing so much AI-generated artwork, I was having doubts you actually took the boards outside… but the keyboard layouts aren’t flavored with PCP, so obviously not AI.

I applaud your balancing abilities and photography skills!

Thanks. I guess AI increasingly diminishes the relevance of photography skills, and our contributions hasten the end. I think though it may take AI a bit longer to replace my balancing ability and the time it takes me to locate the best site on complex objects. I retain a small sliver of hope.


This is why I have never taken the chance to photograph any of my boards like this. While I am confident I could most likely find a nice place to balance & get a shot of one of my boards, my luck dictates that as soon as I would get the “perfect shot” the board would fall from wherever or get a huge scratch from whatever directly afterward… :rofl: Awesome shots though OP!


When I took the keyboard off the plumaria, the tree with the pink flowers, I noticed a grey line on the edge of the case where it had been resting on the branch. My first thought was “Oh shit!”, I should have laid down some tape before trying that. Fortunately, it wiped clean. But, and I say this not only for myself, but to anyone else who might want to take their board outside for a photo shoot, take care. Your keyboard doesn’t have to fall to get scratched.


Keychron Q3 (Barebones+Knob)
Switches - Akko CS Lavender Purples (Factory hand-lubed)
Keycaps - Red Samurai clones, Cherry profile, Doubleshot PBT
Mods - Band Aid mod, Force break mod, Poly fill


Finally got around to posting some photos of my customized CSTM80.

Instagram link for more photos:


Mode Envoy


Lost Knowledge - SP DCS can be ordered with centered, spherical style legends.

Dusted these bad boys off from 2017.


Ohh very nice set!

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Still been rocking my XOX70 even with the limited HS PCB. It is just a great feeling & sounding board! It really surpassed my expectations TBH. I knew it would be nice, but they seemed to hit the nail on the head with this. The typing feel sits right in the middle, no real flex or bounce yet it still has a soft feel to the keystrokes. The sound is great with Smoothies in it, that little extra bit of pop from a long pole switch really hits in this. Contemplating on if I should just go ahead & use smoothies with the solder PCB or not. I got a bunch of different switches on hand & on the way I really want to try out, but the smoothies hit so good in this… :thinking: I know one thing for sure, I definitely need to order myself some more smoothies! :laughing:


Banshee switches sounding nice in this one


Put Olivia No3 on the MGA Standard yesterday. I’m quite happy with the way the copper plate peeks out.


I seem to have been converted, again.
From preferring plastic boards and not liking metal boards almost a decade ago to preferring metal boards and thinking non-metal boards are cheap and bad, to now preferring plastic boards again. In this case CnC’d Acrylic.

  • 75a75

    • KTT retro Red switches with a Feker Lime on the spacebar.
    • FR4 Plate, Gasket mount with silicone socks
    • Aflion Plate-mount stabs with EM-30L
    • Plate foam, PCB foam and case foam because i wanted to experience it as designed at first before i will eventually tweak it, if i do at all.
    • PBTFans Purpolch R1.
  • Rule60v2

    • Gateron Smoothies
    • PC Plate, Gasket mount with silicone socks
    • NK plate-mount Stabs with Equalz gold wires.
    • Y&R6095 PCB
    • Plate foam for easier switch installation and Case foam to prevent the PCB from hitting the case due to flex.
    • Aifei WoB (with the new, thick molds. Waiting for my OG Cherry WoB set to come in from china.)