Post Your Keyboards!


Post your keyboard pics here, custom or oem, new or old, fancy or simple! (There’s a 50/50 chance I have the right category for this, please have mercy on my body, senpai)

I’ll start

Nuke Data on a budget96 with my truck as a backdrop, I might like green

DSA Hana on a budget96

Coniferous R1 on a budget96, I’m a fiend for green

Lime on a budget96, ripe for the picking!

Plum on a budget96, I might have a few of these lying around :3

Royal Alpha R1 on a budget96 prototype, changing things up a little :stuck_out_tongue:

Semiotic on the budget96 proto, finally something not mostly green

Pics category?

Daily drivers atm:
Leopold FC980M with custom PCB (by me), 67g zealios w/ switch films and 3204 G0 lube. Caps are OG Dolch PAC caps with GMK RGBK

Switchmod Meme (I designed the case), stock 67g zealios. Caps are GMK Muted with GMK Watster and Esc keys.


My Model F PCXT that I recently rebuilt

My Contra with razer greens and 80g springs. Caps by KBDfans


My beautiful Cherry Mat with OTD 360c :smiley:


My FC660C - WIP at the moment :slight_smile:


My Korean customs.


XD75 in a cheap plastic case. SA R3 Grade/Carbon/Random blanks.

1 tinymakesthings Yeti



Here’s mine, a KBD66 with Cherry Zilents, 62g, lubed. Keyset is Cyan Drifter, a one off made for me by Signature Plastics.


My HHKB ain’t perfect but man, I love it.


i have an alps problem…


Good problem to have. I love Alps.


GMMK with Kailh Box Navy and SP’s Filco SA in Navy/White


Hey guys! I’m Generic Green Squid (or green-squid). Here is my cool Dell Model M! I got it from ChewDrebby from Latvia. Made in USA in April 1994! Hope this forum will be a good one.


I am bad at taking pictures.

E6-V2 R2 in special teal with 68g vintage blacks, r1 sky dolch.


Some recent favourites:

tx60 in Champagne gold with GMK 9009

Pearl with DSA Granite Elven Tongue

Cod67 with DSA Galaxy Class @norbauer this is one of my favourite sets for sure.

Mechmini 2 with DSA Hyperfuse (and 2 makicaps artisans)

Caravan with DSA Hyperfuse and DSA Lightcycle.



JJ40 with Box Heavy Dark Yellows and DSA Blanks

Cherry G80-1800 (Sparnee Special) with Cherry MX Blacks and KBDFans dye subs

Reser Whitewidow with Cherrios and Tai Hao Olivetti


Very nice better-than-hhkb hhkb :slight_smile:


If you ever want to sell your Caravan… You know where to find me :smiley: