Post Your Keyboards!


Also how do you like the Mechmini layout, compared to the CaraVan / MiniVan Evan put together? I tried a JD40 for like 5 minutes and ended up selling it… j/w


The nice ones stay at home, but here is my work board on a budget. KBDfans Tofu + Pad with GMK Pristine.


I don’t have many customs to speak of, but here are some OEM:


Personally I’m a fan of straight 40% (mm2, jd40, amj etc) over the minivan (which is almost 45%, it’s 0.25 narrower for, ER, reasons?) Or 45. With both the latter you gain two pieces of punctuation which honestly for me (given I’m a Dev and use all the punctuation) is basically irrelevant as I still end up on layer one for brackets, slashes etc.

40s are really use case specific however, it really is about finding what works for you.


Here’s my Cod67 with GMK 9009.


That Razer is exquisite. You are clearly a man of taste :wink:

Candid shot of my daily driver (yes I know it all needs a clean)

Aerospace aluminium Norbatouch with landing pads, OG dyesubs, and a mix of hadapter and OG pad print bits to to fill in the gaps. Pexon PCs MDPC-X Platinum Grey micro-USB cable


True enough - to each their own no doubt. For me the extra punctuation tidbit is fantastic for daily typing, though the bracket / curlies in the middle of the board always make me reach :confused: Your Pearl looks phenomenal btw!





Inb4 this thread just becomes @Jae-3soteric and @ChrisSwires showing off their collections


My daily driver at the moment.
KBD8X with brass plate, Mx clear stems in panda housing, 78g springs, and OG Cherry Doubleshots




dz60 with Speed Kailh yellow and Retro KBFans SA and Maxkey Ninja, a random numberpad for when it’s needed, have a few artisans on there also.
Rama M10-a with custom SA Blanks and my main daily, a GH60 with lightly lubed Tribosys 3204 Tealios, finished with a Mix of Maxkey Black & Orange and Ninja with a Project Hotkeys space.




Using a dz60 PCB with the central idea taken from Zobeid Zuma’s post on geekhack

Swapped the I/O keys after noticing the mistake in the pic!




Mr. Stark sends his regards.