Post Your Keyboards!

That’s where you stash your office cannabis.


It’s a manager’s keylock


I now want this feature on my boards lol, I can have a normal mode and a hyperdrive mode for whatever that’s worth.

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Which finish is this? I debated long and hard on grabbing one but I decided not to.

this one is the “Dark Alloy” finish. I was prepared for anything, kind of have to be when going for these handmade finishes since the copper content in this grade of aluminum alloy is pretty random. The variation in color can be pretty wild.


I just started with Corne, and after some times AliExpress sale brought me to my first personal design (I’ve placed mirrored connector for oled)
Anyway now I can be proud with relative loud Gateron Beer switches during the daytime and tactile silent Outemu in the night:)

So make a keyboard as a hobby project is optimal balanced challenge, not so complicated but still interesting. Also interesting thing is Ergogen, but I was not completely successful with him, so I’ve used him for reference where I can put switches in final design.

Wish you all good times with keebs!:slight_smile:


respect to all people who post something in internet with cats on background!
So I can check a nice keeb and as bonus cat in background!
Nice keyboard, nice cat!
Intresting how is it sounds with metal case (i mean only keeb, not cat:) )


My first and only keyboard is a Logitech POP! I know its a bit frowned upon but I really just wanted something dependable with long battery life, and I actually liked the color scheme, and it was like 50% off!


This board has a large piece of foam under the main assembly to dampen the reverb as well as a rectangular piece of foam around the top edge. Even though it looks like a large hollow case, it sounds quite refined and clean.

Sofle RGB keyboard pared a SPLITarts custom case

  1. They made some choices that prevent customization, and I am not sure they were all unavoidable, but if it works well and you like it, then it’s good keyboard. Enjoy!

  2. I quite like the color scheme. I made the one below a few months ago:


Don’t worry so much about what others think. If you like it, that’s all that matters.


100% this! Preference is really what this hobby is all about, despite what some of the elitists & gatekeepers may say. Find what feels, looks, & sounds the best to you. If someone don’t like it, you know where to tell them to shove it… :rofl:


Zensai 65




is ok, you can never have too many :smile:

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I was reluctant to post this keyboard because it certainly is not the unique or premium stock that makes this thread. But this VIA tri-mode Cidoo ABM066, was about $100 for a completed build, sounds good and is convincing me that I could enter the 65% profile world and still get my work done. I’m not completely convinced that an Alice layout is my preferred aesthetic, but it doesn’t take long to adjust to the layout. Thanks again @marksmad for the heads up.


There’s a certain pleasure in owning expensive/quality stuff, but there’s an equally valid pleasure in seeing how well one can do in building up something that isn’t expensive and making it as good as it can possibly be. So I’m pleased that you’re enjoying the board and that you had fun putting it together. That’s the real point, isn’t it?

The board looks pretty good in those colours, BTW. How does it sound?


exactly! I also think that it’s really pleasure. Also this moment of realising that decision that you make, is in intersection between price of parts, visual appearance and idea of building something by yourself, all this feels as magic a little bit.