Post your Topre boards

Hey guys, I have a HHKB Type S on the way to finnaly try one :slight_smile: it’s the white version with printed keys.

Could you please tell me what mods do you recommend and what specific hhkb stuff is available ?

I novatouched a fc660c&980c , lubed them, added Hasu controllers etc.

Just want to know what specific things can be done to the HHKB and are available specific for it.

I’m also considering sticking to stock sliders but donno

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Topre Fugu love! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


There’s a HHKB Hasu, if you want one, but aside from artisans, that’s about it. You’ve already got the silencing down.

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Very nice ! What sliders do you have inside ? How did you get a 6u SA Spacebar ? :slight_smile:

I used novatouch sliders for all keys, including the spacebar. A friend made this customized 6u SA spacebar for me. Refer to:

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That’s great !

Do you feel like the Novatouch sliders are less wobbly than stock topre ? How about smoothness?

I don’t have two Topre boards to do comparison side by side, so it might be incurrate. I guess they are close in term of wobble? Maybe the combination of Novatouch sliders + SA keycaps is a bit more wobbly than stock topre sliders + stock keycaps. Still acceptable.

Obviously Novatouch sliders are less wobbly than third-party mx sliders, which are not acceptable for me. As for the smoothness, they’re fine. They feel really nice and smooth after lubed.

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I’ve tried many times with different lubes but I have not yet been able to get my HHKB with stock slider as smooth as my Tealios V2 board. Has anyone succeeded in this? Is this even possible?

I don’t think a well lubed Topre board could be as smooth as a well lubed MX board. I guess the structure plays an important part for that. The Topre structure of housing/slider has wide contacting parts/points while for MX switches is just switch stem and two trays inside the switch case. If you lube all contacting sides of a Topre housing/slider, it would be more smooth but it’s easy to get dirty(and then the dirt reduces the smoothness). So people usually just lube the slider trays of the plate. However you could lube all contacting sides of a MX switch without a problem because all contacting parts are put into a switch case, well sealed. Just my two cents.

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to give you an idea how i did it four years ago for the first time (prototype :slight_smile:) a few old pictures. I used an 7u spacebar for this, the stems work perfect afterwards for 6u.

Have a nice sunday


Seeing a spacebar cut up like that is making me sweat :sweat_smile:

But I don’t blame you. 4 years ago we didn’t have much to work with for Topre. Nowadays things are way better (aside from Novatouch prices)!

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The new challenge for 660C owners is that designers are moving the second 2.25u shift to a child kit and do not offer 6u spacebars in all possible colors.


Honestly, can’t expect people to include keys like that in base kits if they serve a very small part of the community.

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a lot has changed during the last years, but i like it a lot to MacGyver every other day.
Problems do exist to get solved and not to give up.


I don’t know what you’re talking about but I keep finding Novatouches for $50 or so =))) bought 2 within the last year at that price :pppppppppppp
tbf I’m in Vietnam and not many people use Topre, let alone mod it.

looks like you need to scoop up a handful and reap the rewards on r/mechmarket

I’ll take one, please :kissing_heart:

haha not yet my friend, maybe when I found 5 of them. right now I have 1 in the Norbaforce and 1 in the Norbatouch :wink:

Here is my MX-swapped FC660c 45g low noise I recently posted in this other keebtalk thread.

It makes me want to type more.

Bonus pic

I spotted these mudflaps on a delivery truck here in Japan. I wonder what they would think if they knew about this thread.


My newest bits of Topre