Post your Topre boards


post your topper boards here.

flipped spacebars and mx sliders are allowed but may be ridiculed.


Did you put a HHKB in a fridge???


I love orange and yellow…!


Stock HHKB w/ Flipped Space ft Dark Pit amiibo



a lot of us lube the rails and wires, try to dampen, exchange the domes of our hhkb to 55g, but to get the freedom of a wide choice of keycaps using mx sliders may be ridiculed.

I don’t get that, because its not needed at all, like some enthusiasts find Topre called mk ridicoulous per se.
A stock Topre is far away from “perfection” for me, therefore modding all the way, the only measurement that should count is the personal one.

Have a nice day


it came that way


Dome swapped to BKE Redux extremes, sliders lubed with Krytox VPF1514, & the stabilizers lubed with Tribosys3204. She’s a beast! :star_struck:


lubed pro 2 and lubed type s


here’s mine at work together with everything else

and here’s an NSFW upskirt shot of it



Woah! I see Death Note. I was watching the Anime with my girl yesterday. She was so engrossed.


Death Note is the sole reason I passed my Mandarin classes in school. I used to read mangas in Mandarin to pick up the vocabulary. Have to say Death Note was a great choice.


Realforce, and Novatouch (Dolch caps).


Not even close to it’s final form, but seeing the worried expressions on my coworkers’ faces when they try to use my Novatouch is extremely entertaining.


Blackberry Passport :roll_eyes:


FC660C, HHKB Pro 2 with red accent caps from a Leopold dyesub keycap kit.

I always keep coming back to the 660C. I love my other keebs, but this is by far my most common daily driver.


The usefulness of the arrow clusters.


That, and the general feel of the keyboard. Solid, yet forgiving keystrokes, but not too bouncy.


Love the pic of the black HHKB with the GH Tri and Veteran(?) Skulls.

Here are my contributions:

(experimental look)


CM NovaTouch TKL with Ducky Joker caps. \m/